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In the upcoming August 2017 Early Warning Report
you will learn about:

Ron Paul's comments about Austrian Economics
Former Congressman Ron Paul "For many years, the Austrian free market economists had predicted all these problems would come, and they were certainly right."
— U.S. Congressman Ron Paul


• The threshold for major war has been lowered.

• But the threshold for a new American golden age has, too.

• Five stocks likely to profit wonderfully from Europe's military folly.

• Why air conditioning is a political catastrophe.

• The turmoil in DC is being misread.

• What is the real reason the federal government was created?

• The 20th century catastrophe few have ever heard of that affects every American every day.

• The good news about the in-fighting between democrats and republicans.

• Why Trump's tweets could be setting us up for a recession and financial crash.

• Update on defense and cyber security.

• Why results from the June CyCon conference are likely to catch American investors by surprise.

• The video that shows the Trump mind of today is not the Trump mind of yesterday.

• And more.

The August 2017 EWR emails 19-July, and mails 26-July